While the material in each certification track is different, there is a consistent structure. Each certification consists of 6 courses plus an oral presentation. Of the 6 courses, 5 are core classes, and 1 is an elective. Explain that courses are pass/fail. Attendance for all courses is required. If more than 30 minutes is missed, it must be made up.

You can attend classes in any city -- doesn't have to be in one town.


  • Visual diagram of the process COURSEWORK (5 core classes + 1 elective) > MENTOR-COACH HOURS > ORAL PRESENTATION (Video Submission) 


  • Do we want an exam also? 
  • Are the mentor-coach hours included or extra? 


Copy here about the cost. You cannot purchase just one class - has to be a track, like CTI Co-Active. Look at their copy as reference.


We are fully accredited by.... Discuss what this means.

Compare Certifications

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