COURSE Overview


You do this by nature. Here's how to run one. Here are the deliverables you can get out of it.

Learn ideation activities to take back to work and integrate onto your teams in a seamless way.

Objectives & Activities

In this class, you will learn and practice a lean-inspired method for strategic visioning. By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Facilitate a strategic visioning session
  • Inspire and hold the space for creative thinking on your team
  • Practice customer segmentation, benchmarking, and brand positioning
  • Draft, refine, and agree on a collective visioning statement with a group of opinionated people
  • Articulate your impact in no uncertain terms, turning a pie-in-the-sky vision into measurable, strategic goals that your team can begin to work toward

The morning session will teach you about strategic visioning, and the details of how to lead a this type of session. In the afternoon, you will get direct practice while working on an extremely memorable case study with a small group.


This course is one of six courses required for the UXMA Researcher Certification. This certification also includes mentor-coach hours and a performance assessment. 

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