At UX Masters Academy, we offer advanced training & certifications in UX research, UX design, UX content strategy, UX management, Design Thinking and Service Design. Hands-on, tactical training, and one-on-one mentor-coaching will take your expertise to a new level. Register for a certification track in DC or Denver. Or gather 10+ students, and we'll come to you! 



When it comes to UX, there is no one-sized-fits-all practitioner. Our certifications reflect expertise in specific areas: UX research, UX design, UX project management, and UX content strategy. Review the credentialing paths below to determine which best fits your career focus.



From hypothesizing personas and journey maps to in-depth ethnographic and marketing research, you'll get hands-on practice with techniques to boost your research skills. Even for the most avid researchers, we guarantee you'll learn techniques you've never tried before to gather meaningful, actionable information about user behavior. More >



UX designers will learn nuanced best practices and advanced techniques for sketching, prototyping, and seamlessly handing off work to developers. This track goes far beyond designing usable websites: enter neuromarketing research, online persuasion, and advanced tool-based workshops. More >



Sophisticated content strategy techniques, centered around the customer. Create cohesive content that not only captures attention and boosts conversions, but also creates delight for customers. Learn to plan, measure, and optimize content that connects and engages based on psychographic user research. More >



Plan and implement user experience that balances the goals of your business with the needs of your customers. Practice methodologies to integrate UX successfully into your organization or team. Get hands-on experience visioning, planning, negotiating, and measuring UX work, people, and processes. More >


Each certification program comes with 6 hours of mentor-coaching. This one-on-one coaching will help you apply what you're learning to your real world situation to get the most out of your training. An experienced UXMA mentor-coach can share stories from the front line, answer questions about coursework and assignments, or advise you on real-world challenges you are facing.

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Mentor-coaching is an important requirement of the UX Masters Academy credentialing process. We believe that it is vital to the development and growth of the practitioner seeking a UXMA certification to have a series of one-on-one dialogues with a qualified mentor who can coach an individual to stretch and grow beyond their current UX capability set, and consistently apply the UXMA Core Competencies to their UX practice.

A mentor-coach is a UXMA-certified member of our community who helps individuals practice and apply the advanced techniques and core competencies they learn in their core UXMA courses.

Included in your certification curriculum is six mentor-coaching sessions, which typically take place by phone or video conference. These sessions are intended to be conducted in 1-hour increments, one after each of the core courses. Many participants find it exceedingly helpful to have another practitioner (a neutral third party outside of their company) to run ideas by. Often, they continue to work with their mentor-coach independently after the certification process is completed.

Working with a qualified mentor-coach provides the opportunity to share your UX skills with someone who can serve as a sounding board, offer advice, and provide feedback regarding the application of UXMA Core Competencies, tools, and techniques you will learn in the training. 

Ignite Your Impact

At UX Masters Academy, we offer far more than just another certification. In addition to building your credibility with a University-backed certification, you will receive real-life takeaways that you can immediately apply in your day-to-day work. Do what you love, and spark your impact today. 

Right here teaching you are some of the foremost User Experience experts in the country, possibly even the world. They know what they are talking about, and leave you with tips and tricks you can start applying right away. Practical, amusing, and inspirational.
- Pedram Farsaii, Digital Marketing Manager, Washington Post

The instructors are extremely knowledgable, and it shows. [I’ve] already started to apply these principles to my projects [at work]. I’m constantly thinking about how to make things more functional, usable, and joyful. 
- Cory F.