COURSE Overview

Great products meet the real needs of real people. Yet even with mounds of customer research, if the results don't translate into design, it's almost like the research didn't happen at all. Personas and journey maps can be an effective way to send the key points of your research bounding across your organization, ricocheting off uninformed corners, human-centered ripples reverberating throughout your company or department or team culture. Traditional methods may not be the most effective way to showcase research. This course will help you create personas and journey maps that matter: stories that "stick" in people's minds and echo across your organization, and task-driven steps that paint a picture of what key audience segments experience while trying to complete basic tasks in a realistic and memorable way. 

In this course, you'll learn to: 

  • Create personas that describe real people with backgrounds, values, goals, anxieties, and questions
  • New techniques for identifying and synthesizing valid, well-defined user needs
  • Frame user needs into action-driven tasks to take your product team on a "journey" from a customer's point of view
  • Design personas and journey maps to be sharable, fun and intriguing -- anything but ho-hum
  • Utilize journey maps to identify opportunities for delight
  • Create buzz across your organization about... you guessed it... your research! 

Using real-world techniques and examples brought to you by expert practitioners, you'll notice faster development times and better quality products. This includes fewer revisions in your work because your designs more immediately meet the needs of customers. Your internal team will have an intriguing way to understand customers in deeper, and be able to immediately evaluate new ideas and features with a research-based rubric. Naturally, this results in building better, more consistent experiences across customer touchpoints.


This course is one of six courses required for the UXMA Researcher Certification. This certification also includes mentor-coach hours and a performance assessment. 

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